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Bearing Balls

We are reputed for our Bearing Balls. Recently, we have revamped our manufacturing unit with the introduction of unique grinding and lapping machines. These machines are the culmination of our technical expertise that we have gained from our long experience as steel ball manufacturers. With the support of the new machines, now we are in a position to fabricate high carbon steel balls of outstanding quality. The new range exhibits superiority in geometrical shape and surface finish. The new design of the bearing balls are characterized by low level running noise.

bearing-ballsWe fabricate the range with premium raw materials such as chrome alloy steel that ensure scratch resistance, shock resistance and corrosion resistance. In the manufacturing process, we further implement top grade vacuum degassed chrome alloy steel wires that are manufactured in modern electric arc furnaces. We carry out stringent quality testing on these steel wires before we use these as a basic raw material.

These steel balls are subjected to heat treatment in special furnaces which are supervised under strict process monitoring. The product range is verified by endurance tests and x-ray diffraction analysis. Our special grinding and lapping formula regulates temper lines and other exterior imperfections. Further, they also enhance abrasion resistance of the finished balls. Specifications of these bearing balls are 1.5 mm diameter to 8.0 mm diameter for high carbon chrome steel balls.

We offer finest range of Bearing Balls that are pervasively used in a plethora of applications.


  • Excellent quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life


  • Ball bearing applications
  • Dental and medical instruments
  • Aerospace bearings
  • Yo-Yos
  • Agriculture equipment